In 2013, Nick Ant Photography started a long line of successful commercial travel trips across the globe. Panama was one of his first International locations. Nick Antonopoulos and his Spanish translator Colin Lewis traveled throughout the country photographing the beauty of Panama City, Panama and eventually up into the jungles of Sierra Llorona, Sierra Llorona was a nature sanctuary in the middle of a jungle in the central part of Panama. Driving through the country of Panama allowed Colin and Nick to see 7 foot long snakes, colorful hummingbirds, large spiders and exotic plant life. After a 4 day adventure in Sierra Llorona, Nick Ant Photography took a small plane to the island area of Bocas Del Toro. The islands were relatively untouched with a flare of Caribbean influence on a series of small islands. Nick and his translator Colin were able to experience the island life by interacting with the natives and taking boat trips throughout the series of islands.

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