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Nick Ant Photography - Chicago Event Photographer

     Nick Ant Photography is able to capture your most important corporate or personal events in Chicago and the Chicagoland area.  

     Considering an amateur photographer for your corporate or family event?  Think again!  One aspect that beginner photographers don't realize when shooting these types of jobs is lighting.  The lighting can vary significantly by room and areas of where you hold an event.  Are you considering having an event in a dark club or ball room?  The lighting makes all of the difference.  Let me tell you why.

     The reason that some people hire a photographer and get bad pictures all has to do with light.  When a room or area is especially dark , if photographers do not have strong enough lighting, a subject may not be completely lit in the frame.  To compensate some photographers will boost their ISO or film speed in film cameras, to a higher level.  The sacrifice that you make using this method can be grainy pictures.  Grainy pictures will not be able to be blown up to larger sizes without loss of quality.

     Another way that beginner photographers may compensate is a smaller F-stop, or larger opening.  By opening up your lens as much as possible, it may make the pictures brighter, however when you go to an extreme you will have less focus in your pictures.  This could make that winning shot of the evening a dud.

     Nick Ant photography uses portable lighting systems and the strongest flashes on the market.  Whether Nick is shooting against a step and repeat or candid shots with his high powered flash, your business or family will get the quality pictures that you expect.

Examples of Event Photography


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